Vizslas have  been owned solely by the Hungarian hierarchy until recently, around the  end of World War II, at which time they were near the point of  extinction. Lucky for us, a few Vizslas escaped to the United States.  Direct from Hungary, our two female Vizslas are the daughters of the  number one Sire in Hungary and are the direct descendants of a long line  of champions. We will offer the well bred Vizsla puppies at a fair  price! Well socialized with both people and dogs, the puppies will come  to you crate trained and at the beginning stages of being paper trained.  Full-grown,Vizslas weigh  betwwen 45 and 65 pounds. Also known as the  "Velcro dog," Vizslas are dependent upon their owners for love,  affection and loads of attention. Patience, dedication, and a  firm disciplinary hand are required for the Vizsla owner. Please call for puppy due dates, and be put on the puppy list! 610-207-0280! Thank you.