Calvaresi Vizsla Ridge Kennel 


(610) 488- 0207

    Our kennel is owned and operated in the same manner, as our award winning winery has for the past 33 years. We are dedicated to honesty, integrity, and responsibility. The Kennel at Calvaresi Winery focuses strictly on breeding only the "Versatile Vizsla" from Hungary,and the Rhodesian Ridgeback "Lion Dog,"  from South Africa .  Our dogs have heat, air conditioning, ceiling fans, and color TV ! All dogs are 2 years old before breeding.Vizsla's get hips OFA.Ridgebacks get hips and elbows OFA,thyroid , heart , and eyes,all tested.Clear from DS by parentage and the deafness gene by DNA. If you have any other medical  questions, please call 610-207-0280! We also sell our senior retirees. Thank you,Tom
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